ap_orlando_nightclub_shooting_hug_jc_160612_16x9_608It is with great sadness that we here in Denmark hear about the tragedy of the Orlando terror attack, or as mr. Trump rightly calls it; an attack by islamic extremists.

Let me clear about this; this is war. It is a war we have not wanted. We never challenged radical islam in the first place, they challenged us. So, by all means, it is a war that is right and just.

However, war is just that; war. It is killing, raping, destroying peoples life and livelihood. It is broken families, and friends lost.

That is war.

But one the other hand, it is also a possibility to find new friends. The enemy of your enemy is my friend.

Since IS has a lot of enemies, well there are a lot of potential friends out there for us to win; Russia, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia.

Even Iran.

But one thing is clear, the enemy is among us, and instead of covering under the threat, let us be strong in our conviction, steadfast in our steps ahead, and clear-sighted as to what we should do.

Let us be bold and free.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may spirit keep it safe.

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