Great Britain!

Great-Britain-Flag-great-britain-13511739-500-313I stood up, 5 am to see what the British in or out vote was going to be. I sat there with my glasses on, looking out through sleep depraved eyes, and lo and behold! The Brits are leaving the EU.

At one hand sad, because we like to be in the same family as the Brits, but at the other hand, good for Britain.

Let us have a look at the implications.

Great Britain, will have to take that back again, the “Great”. Great has not been in the favour of Britain ever since half of the empire broke down sixty years ago. But now, as a sole system, it is entitled to the “Great” again.

Symbolically referring to the fact, that the Brits used to rule half of the world, but now only rules one third of the world. I mean, if you really look at that, what is there to be so depressed about? Britain is the sole ruler over so much real estate, that it is extremely rich.

What really caused all the problems after the Second world war has now, more or less, been removed, and England with its cousins and friends, can yet again enter the world scene with the proper sense of greatness.

Once again, lo and behold, I for one will look forward to see what it develops into, and be a partner in this development. Most prominent as a true friend of the Anglican Church.

You know, when you live on an island, often you feel that you are alone, and I know that Brits are not very fond of “Continentals”. But there is an irony in the fact, that you had a strong helping hand in this case. We Danes helped you. So maybe there are friends on the Continent after all. We like you, with all your quirks and your wonderful ways. We like your magic and history, we like your personality, we like your boarding schools. We like your fried fish and bacon, we like James Bond, your aristocratic ways, your blue collar heroes. We like you, and at the end of the day, it may be, that your only reference to someone to help you is placed in the story of Beowulf, and it took a Dane to give you another shot at independence, but so what? Let us take this wonderful opportunity and use it for the best of who really matters; the peoples of fair islands of the British.

G-d bless the windy meadows of England and beyond.

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