Congratulations England

Finally, Great Britain has become free once again. Free to set its own course, free to remain a whole, free to roam the seas of the world.

Many people see all the talk about the empire as a talk of a bygone time. They believe, that the West is finished, and we might as well all just turn off the light, and take of our slippers.

But is it so, and what are the real deal behind the PRACTICAL situation of the world.

I mean, as long as Australia flies Union Jack in their flag, and as long as Hong Kong yearns to have the support of Great Britain. Then there is, in practise, an empire. Not an empire of subjugation and tyranny, but an empire of practical proportion. It is there, whether you like it or not.

And it needs repair. The demoralisation and often right out despair is not good. What the empire needs, is a stable hand on the wheel and an inspired position of leadership.

This is not about tyranny, or putting people down. It is about taking care of those who are family.

That is not a bad thing, that is a good thing.

So as long as the intentions are serious and positive. There is no reason not to fly the banner, once again.

G-d bless the will of the british people and all those in the commonwealth.

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