Never again

75 years ago, Europe went through a massive antisemtic purge.

In most of Europe, the narzies as Winston Churchill called them, went through the European homeworld, where jews had lived for thousands of years and purged them. Got rid of them, put them concentration camps and what was worse.

Unimaginable horror went down in Europe, to a people with so little defence.

Yes, there were Jews that did things wrong, as there are today. But systematic extinction, that is horribly wrong.

As of now, no viler crime has been done to the Jews in our long history. The Shoa, Holocaust was a crime not only against Jews, but against all of humanity.

Understanding the how’s and ifs is vital also today.

But as a fact, it seems to me, that we learn so little. Today in Denmark antisemitism is ripe for another round in the ring.

The same old same position. How are we to fare against this monster.

Well as it is prescribed in the torah, by being the people of light. By trying to be honest, openminded, true to what we see as right and wrong.

Yes, there are those who do not seek to harm us, let us be happy about that. Yes, there are those who seek to harm us, let us be honest about that.

But first and foremost, let us hail the light.

Let us be the ones, that see truth for what it is. Honesty, integrity, morality, be good persons in this time of persecution once again.

Let us turn that “once again” into a “never again”.

G-d bless the will to be the light in a time of creeping darkness.

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