Tackling the migrant crisis is extremely difficult, especially for Germany with its history of persecuting the Jews. Not helping refugees will call back all those years where the Jews were under fire, the Shoa.

Now, I like Germany. I have been there many, many times, especially with my samba dancing group. In fact I feel I know Germany. I am not naiv, I have also heard Germans who were asking themselves why Denmark was not a part of Germany.

At the other hand, many Eastern Germans love Danes for their peacefulness during the cold war, with our hygge and Olsen Banden.

But, at the end, finding a solution to the migrant problem hold one major obstacle; it has to be an ethical solution.

This is extremely difficult, because moving around people in need is a bad thing to do.

If we, however, look at my proposal, it takes this problem under consideration. The main problem of the refugees are three. One, they need shelter, two they need medical treatment, three, they need education and addition of skills. After they have gained that, they need to be able to make a future.

The problem with the refugees, however, is the fact, that the refugees that come to Europe are not the weak refugees. To get so far, you need a lot of ressourcer; connections, money, physical health. I have not, for one, seen a refugee in Denmark that were not in the best of health. So, what about all those copts, Yazidi and Christian Assyrians and many other minorities that are weak and under fire. How do they cope? The answer is; they do not. They do not cope, they perish. So while we discuss all the refugees in Europe, the weak refugees die.

So morally, this is lopsided. Therefor, we need to get close to where the wars are, and make nations there. This will ensure that the weak refugees will be sheltered. It also makes an ethical solution to the problem itself. Then it will not just be a matter of moving people around. It will be a matter of actually helping those in need, and giving those not so much in need a better future, but not just in Europe. It will also ensure, that the skills we give them, can be used in their home country, where they much more needed to rebuild the countries when the war is over. Good arguments all.

Then there is the questions about the price tag. Look at it this way. The migrants in Europe already are extremely expensive. If they are moved to the Middle East. They will be cheaper. Because housing, education and so on is much cheaper in the Middle East.

The thing is; the solution should involve serious involvement by the Europeans. We should not just set up camps, but make nations they could get by in. When the crisis they run away from, we can slowly migrate the project back to their country, in effect giving the refugees a wealthfarestate, trained civil servants and trained security personell. In this way, we would actually help in the area.

Concerning the Syrian war, we had a part in doing it. It was, originally a part of the Arab spring, that went wrong. So we have responsibility.

G-d bless the will to think clear and make new moves.

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