The discussion on the migrant crisis is ongoing. Look at it this way, there is only one serious solution right now. That is the rise of European sponsored nations in the Middle East.

I understand, that the European Union and Germany is fighting for a more fair dissipation between the entire European continent of refugees.

Simply because this cannot work in many European countries. Take Sweden, here the Sweden democrats is now the largest party in the Swedish parliament because they are against the migration plans of the ruling elite. The national political systems simply cannot afford it.

So, we need another solution, and here my solution is really the only humanistic solution.

It involves me at the helm, and I understand, that the rulers are a bit reluctant to give me all that power. But, at the other hand, look at what I have done in the last five years, ever since I met my fair wife and got my own family. It has been constructive and humane. You grow up. When you are young you are rebellious, when you grow older you mature.

So, I really implore you to make the necessary arrangements. We are looking at a crisis that is so destructive, that we need to solve it. Babies are dying in the waters, and we need to stop it.

G-d bless the will to be honest in a difficult situation.

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