There is one country that, above all, has to face its own demons. Germany. As it annihilated most of the Jews just sixty years ago, this crime against us Jews, is hard to forgive. But, this does not, at the other hand, justify the elimination of Germans. I do not think that it will come to that, but with the current pressure on the German system, Germany may lose the sway and control over its territory. Leaving Germans at the mercy of a war that will compare very much to the last one. Just more savage and in the street.

There is still time to fix the problem within a humane frame, and without too much violence. But the clock is ticking, and Angela Merkel needs to act.

Face it, there is no such thing as more distribution of migrants, it will not happen. My plan is, at best, a very long shot. A lot of things has to work to make it function, but at least, it is a fair chance.

But we need to act, now. Call the UN, put pressure on them to set the plan in motion. At the meanwhile, I will try and pressure where I can.

If the UN accepts the plan, we can, with their blessing, make it work. There will be force involved, because many of the people who are migrating will be unhappy with the arrangement. So we need to figure out a way to do it with the acceptance and the cooperation of all nations involved. If someone comes from Somalia, we need to work with the Somalian government to arrange the transfer or sending of Somalian citizens who are illegally on German territory or other European ground. Again, it has to be done with utmost care, and with respect for all the human rights of the refugees.

It also has to be an open process, no lies, no cover up. We need to do this right from the beginning, explain what we are doing, and how we are doing it. Make it transparent and in coordination with all international bodies and relevant authorities.

Do this, and we have a chance to defuse the situation, but it will be extremely difficult, and close to mission impossible. But, we have been there before, and with the right skills and an honest heart, it can be done.

G-d bless Germany, and may she live long and strong.

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