It is a bit of a problem if we are controlled too much by the dark side of media. Just because the media are trying to rule by using emotional images, we should not heed to this kind of mob rule, because that is really all it is. There is not much reflection in a picture. Yes, it is a terrible picture, yes, the conflict is spiralling out of control, yes the migration is a humane catastrophe.

But it is bit more complicated than just a picture, and leaving no room for an intelligent solution, will just make things worse.

In this way Europe will not be an ideal or a place to respect, if mobrule is the rule of the day. I am not saying, that we should curb the freedom of speech, on contrary, I believe that we should strengthen the ability to talk freely.

But our media are so far from what is was supposed to be in the beginning; a vehicle for rational thought and enlightenment. It has been degraded into a tool of propaganda, that is one way tool of information that has no base in truth.

The truth is, that the migration is mainly young men, and they are fleeing poverty. Those who flee the war are actually in relative peace in and around the country of war, but just extremely poor due to the terrible situation in the refugee camps.

This we off cause have a responsibility to do something about, but who says that it should be welcoming all refugees in Europe for a permanent settlement?

If Europe had the ability and economic room to house all refugees, well we should, but a more fair distribution and a nonpermanent solution would be better, because Europe is right now reeling from the impact of refugees, and falling apart. This is not good either.

Finding a balanced solution, where all are better off, is the better deal.

In this situation where media is reduced to propaganda, all rationality is showed out of the window, and that is a bad thing.

G-d bless the will to be true.

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