The will to compromise

There is a lot of discussion going on in the wake of the tsunami of refugees in Europe. As mr. Putin have said; it is not something we should be surprised about. If you invite people, well, then they tend to come.

The problem is just, that the entire Schengen system has made it possible for migrants to wander unhindered to where they want, giving the southern European countries a motive to let them wander on, and the northern european countries a bit of a headache. In this situation we all discuss, no rather we fight about the moral high ground. Left versus right.

Now there is however one solution that has not been tested so far. What about a compromise?

A compromise is a difficult thing, each side needs to feel that it has won an equal share of the fight. Therefor intelligent diplomacy must be used to make both sides feel and see that they have exactly the right share of the deal.

This works if you do it with truth. As in the discussion about the fight against radical islam. The compromise is, that only holy warriors who fight for an islamic state are enemies of the West and East now, hence the fight against Islamic state. Muslims who are not into the fight against democracy for an Islamic state are friends, and should be helped and protected. Hence the cooperation with his highness mr Al-Sisi and Saudi Arabia.

In the peace deal we are trying to forge in the Middle East, it is the same. The Gaza strip palestinians are not exactly examples of moral fortitude, and we cannot make deals with them. But the Iranians however are listening and are following us on the path of peace. Again a compromise.

If we look at the situation in Europe, where do we then find the compromise here?

At one hand, we have seen many refugees who are extremely aggressive, and we already have a lot of problems with Islamic extremists in Europe. These are not wanting our help, but are seeking to destroy our existence. We however also see people who are truly in need of our help, and these we should help. The fact of the matter however is, that those who are most in need are close to the countries where they come from. So a focus on the vicinity of the warring countries would actually help the most.

Compromises are what leads to peace, idealism without compromise is what leads to war. If we are uncompromising of our ideals and never want to stop, but stubbornly continue our fight for what we think is right, war comes. If we however look at things as they are, and fight the evil and support the good, we will win peace.

G-d bless the will to be intelligent and wise in the face of a ongoing crisis.

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