Background of migration crisis

Aasgaardreien_peter_nicolai_arbo_litePolitics according to Seneca, is about seeing things as they are. If we make our decisions based on how we would like it to be, we make wrongs assumptions. But if we make decisions based on truth, we make good decisions.

Now, concerning the ongoing debate on migration. We have come some way. My basic idea about differentiating the migrants in refugees and economic migrants will grant a huge relief in the handling of the migrant flow. There is nothing illegal or wrong in protecting ones nation or liga against people who wish to wander and settle on its territory.

This flow will, most probably, increase in the following years, due to a falling population in Europe and a burgeoning population in Africa and the Middle East.

There are no easy solutions to this problem, and the level of security will have to be beefed up seriously. It will be bloody, and keep up getting more bloody. We are entering a phase in human history where the green earth cannot sustain its humans, and as Darwin correctly theorised, the strong will subdue the weak.

We have a good relationship to all the nations that are in trouble, and we can help, but there is only so much we can do. It will be devastating, and the wars that will ravage the African continent will be severe. It will be a human catastrophe, that cannot be solved by Europe. We can do all we can to help, but we cannot save Africa.

The other thing we have to realise is the fact, that the main problem with the migrants that are coming now, is the fact that they are Muslim. I like Muslims, not the IS, but apart from that, I like Muslims.

But, there is a history of conflict and warfare in Europe between the Muslim countries and European countries. This conflict goes all the way back to the beginning of Islam, and has been going on for 1500 years.

This means, that the conflict has very deep roots. The flow of Muslim migrants will feed into the animosity that has been historically, and is wakening old conflicts.

In Poland they remember their national hero Jan III Sobieski who defeated the ottoman invasion in Vienna, in Hungary the war is all too close not to remember. At the Muslim side, it is the same. Old wounds ripped up because we thought that all conflict was over, and we could just relax and smoke a joint. Guess what, we were wrong.

So far, the conflict has been guided into a fight between democracy and Islam, hence the fight against Islamic state. But who knows what will happen in the future. The Vikings are on the rise, because we are the basic answer to the Muslim migration. I have friends with a deep belief in the old gods, and if they truly are let loose, we will have a war so fierce that the hundred year war was a picnic in the Picadilly. Two sacrificing war religions in each others teeth, that will call for an apocalypse.

My responsibility is to the vikings, so I will follow them, but I truly hope, that we do not have to come so far.

But, all in all, all the talk about moving around refugees does not work due simply to the fact, that they will, voluntary or involuntarily feed into this apocalyptic conflict.

We need to defuse that conflict before it goes off.

This we do by, at the one hand, fighting and repatriating IS warriors on European ground, and at the other hand, giving the Muslim refugees serious help in the vicinity of their homeland. The help should not be halfhearted or lack resources, we should really help.

I know that these things are hard to face, but we need to face them with an honest and open heart, to defuse the the conflicts that we see coming.

Hard lessons and hard measures. But if we do nothing, the Ragnarok coming will be so terrible, that we have never seen anything like it. It will change the world into a very dark and sinister place.

G-d bless the will to be honest in a difficult situation.

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