My feeling is, that there is a bit of movement in my bid to start a cooperation with the UNHCR. It would make sense, if I was an employee or an ambassador, I could reach out to all the players in the Middle East, and start the peace process in earnest.

Many in Iran see the West as an immoral place. In some ways they are right. There is a lot of corruption and double talk in the West. But recently, due to the end of the Cold war, and the advent of the Internet, things have started to change.

It started with mr. Barack Obamas bid to change the foreign policy to a more honest approach, and now it has, so far, concluded itself in the peace process.

The current leaders of the West are all trying to find solutions that are as ethical as possible. Working for peace.

But, we need to ramp up the process, and the marriage of my ideas with the ideas of UNHCR makes sense. I will be able to apply a deeper level of philosophical thinking, and perhaps make a problem solving institute in the service of mankind. I have the backing of the Americans, and therefor we could see and end to war in the Middle East, at least on a multinational level.

Add to this the work on the refugee crisis, and we would have numerous solutions at hand.

We will have peace, though the path will be rugged and difficult. But lives are holy, and we should all remember, that in the eye of spirit, each grain of life is a reflection of him, and we should act accordingly, with respect and care for all life.

G-d bless the will to be humble in a difficult and devastating row of problems meeting us.

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