The entire EU is under an immense pressure, and as mr. Jean-Claude Juncker said, the bells are tolling. The tools that I have given will work, but it will only take off the pressure, all the inherent problems of islamic extremism and the works, will still be there, and it will grow worse and worse until we take it seriously.

Talking about Germany, it is pretty obvious, that things have gone horribly wrong. Fighting in the streets, mayhem in München and so on and so forth.

This will take a long time to do something about, but we need to do it.

Conflict is bound to arise, due to the simple fact, that many of the Muslims in Europe are even more radical than in the Middle East, and more well equipped with money and resources.

This will go down some kind of horrible path anyway, and there is not a question on to whether we should tackle it, but rather on what scale and with what means.

As always, the more efficient and humane you tackle a crisis, the less it will develop into a full scale war. But I seriously have my doubts as to whether we will succeed in tackling this with the least possible violence.

It will be violent, it already is. We are moving away from the 68´ths values and ideas, and moving towards the conclusion of their flawed ideas.

It will hell, and from that hell something will eventually rise, I seriously hope it will a democratic and conservative/humanistic order. But, that will require action from those who believe in that. Serious action, with humanity and honesty as a goal.

How do you fight a war without being seriously morally debased?

You do it, by always looking at the the end result of your game, and by never loosing sight of your means.

If you start using means that are too harsh, you have a problem. But if you always use the least possible means to solve a situation, you will win morally.

G-d bless Germany as he struggles with the flood overwhelming his barriers.

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