Danish election

I hope things are professing well in the UK. Since I have left the election, I have been quite busy with the Danish election, that fortunately ends in a week. Two elections in a row, that gets to you. I will look very much forward to the redemption work we have to conduct in the Middle East, and the peace process we should envision and pursue. All of us.

I hear, that the wise leader of the Anglican church have met with the leader of Al-Azhar. A grand opening and a good prelude. That calls for applause!

Then there is one thing, that I would like to give as an opportunity to mr. Cameron, the now happy PM of Great Britain! What a feat David, we did it. We did for Oxford. It will pay dividends down the line, if we just keep up the pace, and save what we find and hold dear.

There is a very interesting thing happening in the election process here in Denmark. They call it a great win for you David, but, as, I see it, it is a shared victory. The Danish conservatives are moving towards a solution as Great Britain is currently negotiating with the EU. We will, if everything goes right, be joining hands soon.

You could, if you wished to influence the debate, send some smoke rings and artful symbolic gestures towards Denmark, that you, hopefully support our outstretched hand. There is a certain respect and honor given to anyone who are of stature here in Denmark, if you send some signals. Not too obvious off cause. But something the newspapers could argue about and work on. Thank you.

All in all, in a week I am back, hopefully with good news.

G-d bless you all, and may we have peace.

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