I am back

I am back, I am sorry about the break, but, as you may know, there has been an intense and interesting election in Denmark, where a centre/right government finally took power.

I really supported that part, because I believe, that the chaos that is to begin in Europe needs a firm and effective government, not a chaotic and ineffective as we had.

It was a good a fight, and we did not win by a large margin, so we took and gave. Elections are often violent (not physical but emotional) and devasting. Winners take it all, losers loose it all. As the former PM Thorning had to realize. She used my own little daughter against me, so I took her out. This is good in the sense, that at least danish politics is not such a nuisance to the international community as it has been.

The election is very good news for mr. Cameron, and the US. Since the pro Anglican part of the Danish political system won. We will see a lot of negotiations and closer relationship between the UK and Denmark. Perhaps even to the extent that Vallekilde and Oxford can share ideas and debate again. I really hope os, I love Oxford.

But, we should focus on the Middle East process and the prophesy of Rav Ashlag, at least this is what I will do.

I will try and bring peace, and mend the wound for those who are in harms way. We can do it, and bring love to the bright and beautiful land of the Levant.

G-d bless you all.

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