ACDC-Hughes-long_agoIt seems to me, that after the election the Conservatives have gone back to bickering. The promises mr. Cameron gave under the election is fought over, bit by bit.

Serioulsy? Come on, Great Britain has one of the best chances of getting a lead in all matters conservative; church, crown and security.

First of all, his excellency Welby needs a kickstart in his mission to remake the Anglican church. Find every ressource, every able man to support him. He is the right man, he is on fire and he is radical. We need to support and stem him up, give him ressources, show him affection, and just, basically help him.

Then there is Great Britain itself, that is the United Kingdom. This is of primary concern to her majesty. She is very worried that everything falls into pieces, she need to see movement in this matter. She needs to see, that the United Kingdom is once again on the path of unity.

This can be done be reaching out, but also on answering the call for independence with serious action. Scotsmen wants indepence of a sort, give it to them. This will hold the United Kingdom together. I will work on a Northern Union with Scandinavia and UK, perhaps also with the US, if the US wants. In the distant future also Russia.

But, this drive, of both independence and also a new union should and could support the claim of both Scotland, that wants closer to Scandinavia, and England that wants to boost its claim on international leadership. This is the project that can be done! We in Denmark are all ready now, and we can pull the rest of Scandinavia on to your side. Imagine the power we could have, a power that could be used to realign and solidify our states that are all reeling after the acts of the European Union. Come on, this is ROCK!!!

Then there is security matters. We have a huge influx of IS fighters to the UK, stop them, send them away. But apart from that, solidify the British workers right to a job, he needs it, and the state needs it.

G-d bless you, and COME ON, start on your Cameron tour, Oxford needs it, UK needs it, you need to put your foot down and make your mark. Now is the time!

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