Islamic State

After the horrendous attack, or rather strings of attacks against western and pro democratic targets in the Middle East, we are at the discussion; who were the attackers?

Well, you should ask themselves, and you will find the answer; they are sunni muslims who are fighting for an old school islamic state. That is a kingdom based on the writings and doings of the prophet Muhammad.

This is a state system in direct opposition to democracy. As in the fight between Communism and Democracy, we now have another political fight between Islamism (political Islam) and Democracy.

In more detail. The islamic state is based on sharia, that is holy law deduced from the Koran and the Hadiths. In opposition to this democracy is, ideally, based on the will of the people. This is the base of the American Constitution and the Magna Carta.

Now, it is a bit of an artificial division. There are greyzones, where some muslims believe in part of the political part of Islam and not all. But there are states that are democratic and Muslim, like Egypt and Tunisia. In Libya, we fought for democracy, but remember, this is also a Muslim country.

So, that is how it is, ask an honest Muslim, and he will agree.

We need to stick to that, for several reasons. First of all, because this is how it is. Secondly, by showing the Muslim world, that we actually do understand the ins and outs of Islam, we present ourselves as a serious player in the international game. This was one of the reasons, that it was, and is a mistake to support the Muslim Brotherhood. When and if we do this, they will see us as unknowing and manipulative in the game of the Middle East.

Thirdly, it gives the part of the Muslim world, that are willing to make alliances and support us, a way. Like in Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia but also Syria and Iran.

Fourthly; religious wars are the worst. When we fight for our freedom, we fight for something positive and emancipating. Fighting for G-d, or as we believe G-d tells us often lead to fanaticism and fascism. Remember facism is not just a rule of Italy under Moussolini, it is the idea that you are absolutely right.

When we fight for our freedom, we know that we are not always right, and consequently have the humility to allow other creeds and political understanding a place in our society. As Jews, as gays, as other minorities. It creates freedom, tolerance and peace.

So, no I do not believe all Muslims are evil, I believe we fight a political strand of Sunni Islam, that has the arrogance to believe that they know what G-d wants us to do. They do not, because G-d always changes his mind. He is for love and solidarity, not for murder and rape. This is not G-d, this is man.

G-d bless all who believe in peace and freedom.

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