It is said, that in the olden times, our forefathers migrated from Denmark or somewhere around, and came to Greece. According to the great Danish historian Wilhelm Grønbech, they put up shop on a rock on the Peloponnes.

After some time, through the time of Homer, the Myceneans became Athenians, and great visionaries as Socrates and Plato were sparks that flew out of that fertile mould.

Up here in the North, we can still see the resemblances with us and the Greek.

Time has come, it has softened some edges, but that vicious spark of freedom is still there in the soul of the Greek. It is still there thousands and thousands years after Homer. They call it Sparta, but the truth is, that the Dorians (Danes) were fighters of G-d. Heed to that creed, to that spirit, and you may free yourselves.

All this banking thing, forget about it, it is about slavery from the European Union, they are trying to enslave you in the name of Mammon.

Free yourselves, as your ancestors did. Free yourselves from that slavery siphoned from invisible chains. Vote NO!

As you are the heirs to one of the greatest civilizations on earth, and you are right to insist on doing things your own way, in your own country. The Germans do not understand, that they are of the same blood as you. But they will understand, after you have gained your freedom from the yoke of banking tyranny.

It is not about the debt, it is about creating a superstate of hitherto unknown proportion. Banking is just a tool to make that Union. They will stop at nothing, and you should remember who you are, as descendants of those great viking warriors that first inhabited that barren rock, that is now known as Akropolis.

It is a symbol, deep down, on the first virtue of our forefathers; freedom.

G-d bless the freedom Greece may have as a descendant and fighter for the value of the vikings; a free man in his own right.

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