The peace we may win

We are nearing a conclusion in the ongoing negotiations between Russia, the US, Iran and, in the periphery Israel.

People say, that Obama was not strong in foreign policy, but if this deal is landed, he will, or rather there is a very good chance, he will be lauded as the most succesful American president in foreign matters.

I have a good American friend, in fact a very wise american friend, who shares my love for Søren Kierkegaard. He tries to find that middle road between Islamic extremism at one hand, and racism at the other hand. Not to fight IS because you are a racist, makes no sense, not to fight the torching of black churches makes no sense either. I believe he is right, you have to find that middle ground. Kierkegaard believes that you come from seduction, that is your immoral and often unrealized needs, to ethics, but can reach spirit by forgiving.

I believe when it comes to the conflicts we are trying to solve in the world today, that we need to reach that middle point; and that is ethics. We need to be ethical and sharp on our own values and ideas to navigate in the world.

Everybody agrees, that mr. Barack Obama tries his best to be a good man, and in this lies the salvation and the moral compass of international politics. Its is very difficult, but met by a moral order, it seems to me, that the Middle East finally will find some kind of peace. Hopefully.

It is quite obvious, that the sunni muslim fighters of IS are immoral. Killing civilians on a beach? Come on, and then quoting G-d for this inhuman act.

Finding the moral high ground in this conflict is not difficult.

We are now nearing the end of the negotiations of the hittitie empire. Once there were asylums, remember Persia? When you developed some of the very basis of mankinds lore. As hittitie cities were asylum for those who were in need.

This is a good deed, and as a consequence, more good deeds will come of that fertile ground that is Persia. Not to mention Assad, who are trying to protect all creeds in his country.

I reach out for peace, and may we, by the will of the supreme being, reach that state of equilibrium, just for a day or two. But we will be able to say; we were there, we were the men behind that little window of peace. War will come again, but we will have peace as long as I am here, and Barack is there.

G-d bless the peace we may find.

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