Deal or no deal

The Iran deal is nearing its final moments. I have been an adamant supporter of this deal. It all started after I, with mr. Barack Obama pulled the teeth of mr. Ahmadinejad. I suppose the single greatest victory of the first tenure of Obama.

Now we are here, it is all set and done. Mr. Netanyahu has been against the deal from the very outset, because he believes that the Persians will remodify the deal after the deal has been done, and the pressure is lifted.

Well, the original pressure, is still here, Barack and I are here, we can push, and we do push.

But what after Obama is not president anymore? Things change, and can we still believe in the deal.

Well, if I get the necessary support from my own government, it is viable.

This has been a proposal I have put to the new government, and the PM mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen. But, until now, he has not been open for negation. Heaven know it is a small and minimal proposal. I have demanded around one million dollars to make a film and support some bloggers.

I cannot sustain a deal of this magnitude by working as a helper as I do now. I have no problems working as a helper, but it is simply too irresponsible, especially towards Israel to support a deal, if it only is founded by my own self. I need the Danish government to chip.

So far, without result. Løkke Rasmussen is very new to the game, and I seriously hope, that it is all about trying to find his way, and wrangling with his new role. But I also suspect an element of arrogance and defiance. It is all about power. He wants to be the one in control, and in this I am a problem.

I still support the deal, but I need Danish official recognition of my role in it, to maintain it after Obama is gone.

I am sorry, but this is the it has to be.

You could perhaps all help by ignoring Løkke Rasmussen until he has entered the negotiations himself, or by one of his ministers. It would be a great help. Apart from that, I will put internal pressure on his government, to make him change his mind.

G-d bless you all, and think about the fact, that this is not a deal made on earth, but belongs to the realm of heavens, as it is both good and beautiful.

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