A new path

We are trying to found a new religion, as a kind of salvation as a consequence of the Middle East development. Whether we realize the Iranian deal or not, still the ambition of the Middle East; to realize its potential and win a place in the heart of humanity is still there.

But, we still need to put ourselves the question; if we truly reach this next level of enligthenment, what is then the basis of this? I have picked up a few books, olden, worn books on my bookshelf, ancient books some of them, lost and found by mankind. Some known, some unknown, and I, at least have some idea about the path we might ensue.

Look at it this way; we are sourrounded by sophists, or scientists, who wish to put all material things to scrutiny, and find all answers there. They do not repel moral order, but they will not believe unless they have a proof.

This materialism, is hard to fight, because, what do we have but ideas and beliefs? We have only truths from personal and spiritual experience.

This is why, I believe we have to respect the sophists, and talk their language, but on a higher level in all respects. We simply have to be better, much better. Our lore should be less fragmented, more beautiful, more true. Then we can compete with the sophists.

We have the possibility now, there is an open window, because science is falling. It is plagued by political correctness, political commisionaries, marxist thinkers who reduce rather than expand. All kind of nonsense. While we are still free to expand our knowledge without scrutiny. Because who will care if we search for G-d or find new ethical truths? Noone, because they do not take us serious anymore. This is truly our chance to forge new answers, with more quality less hearsay and more truth than the plagued sciences.

Let me give you an example. According to normal lore, there is no life after death. It is just a psychological journey, through pain and misery, and ends up as a material death, where our cells and atoms just dissapear. Who can live with this nonsense? Who will accept, in the long run, that there is no deeper meaning. Noone, all thirsten for a deeper meaning and sense. And if we give them that, in a row of ideas of quality, make it possible to truly believe again, we can compete, we can regain ground, matter again, be a part of normal life again.

It all comes down to answers of a high quality.

This ends and starts with one thing; cosmology. The sophists define our cosmos. They define life as a Darwinian/big bang theory that we have to make a better answer to. This is where Oxford comes into play. Because I truly believe, that the cosmology that I present, as a true Anaxagorean system, will compete and even better the ideas of Hawkins.

It will then be a competition between Oxford and Cambridge, on who has the better answer. The only thing is; my answer, anwers the question of who G-d is, and what he is. In this way, G-d willing, and with the help of his eminence archbishop Welby. We can turn the tide. It is radical, and only through the influence of Welby and perhaps mr. Cameron through Brasenose, are we able to compete. This is the life and death question of both Anglican Christianity, but also religion in general. Through the crisis of Anglicanism, and the desperate measures we have to take, we can turn the tide, all of us.

It does not end there, there are more layers than Anaxagoras, there is Heraclitus and Demokrit to add to the theory. If only Oxford is willing to talk true metaphysics again. Is able and daring enough.

G-d willing, and Welby willing, we will, all of us, prevail.

G-d bless the will of his eminence and force of our holy and blessed father.

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