The icon of arrogance

The current conflict I have with the Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen, is a reflection of how a minister should NOT behave. I mean, to have power is an act of selfishness and humility. You serve, you do not command.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The levers of power may induce you with the feeling of invincibility and give you a puffed up ego.

Power is the test of your character the old greeks say. If you have a good character, you will be able to confront the sirene song of power, if you have a weak character, you will not be able to resist the corruption of power, and consequently try to steer competitors and power threats to your convenience.

This is the flaws of the weak character. You may also call it arrogance.

This is unfortunately the picture of how the new PM behaves. He is ready to sacrifice his friends, his international career, to hold on to power. He is, after a few days in the saddle, already corrupted.

This is why, he should be shunned by the international community. Corruption at the heart of a government rubs off on the connections he has. Do you want to be seen with a corrupted man? Do you want to be seen with a man defined by arrogance.

No, all wish to be seen with the good man, with nobility rather than debasement.

They say, that if a weak man is at the centre of power, all who are stronger than him, will be in trouble. That is why we need strong and unselfish leaders of our nations. Not weak and selfish leaders, this leads to disaster.

G-d bless the will to be simple and humble.

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