David vs. Goliath

Ok, so these are my reflections concerning the current situation in terms of strategy.

How are we supposed to fight? It is quite clear, it says in the Torah, that we are supposed to fight as David against Goliath.


Well, that is the question we are supposed to ponder.

First of all, this reflects our strengths. We are the best fighters, and we fight with our intelligence as well as our physical strength.

But, we have one serious drawback in war, we are never allowed to fight immorally. That is, we are always forced to be the little guy fighting the big guy. If we are the big guy, fighting the small guy, we are not in the right position. Why? Because oppression, that Goliath represents is wrong, ethically wrong.

So when we find ourselves in fights that are wrong, we have problems. But if we find ourselves fighting unsurmountable odds, we win. Why? Because Hashem fights on our side.

It is like the fight I am fighting with the secret service right now, a classical David vs. Goliath. I am winning, why, because I have Hashem on my side.

So this is the factor we have to factor in, in the fights of Gaza, as soon as we are the Goliath, we may very well loose the momentum, why? You guessed it, because we have to fight ethically, the whole way.

We have to be very, very careful not to end up in the position of the Goliath.

G-d bless the will to be careful, and think about the forces we are moving in and around. G-d bless the peaceful solution.

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