This is a message to Elon Musk, who is a reader here on the blog, I think.

First of all Elon, you tried to help, when I was in trouble, so this is me helping back.

When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot, and hold on to it. That is a citation of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Where did he learn this?

Well, at a time, he lost his wife, and his mother at the same time. So he was in trouble. What he did was, that he bought a ranch in the middle of nowhere, and took his time, to come back as a whole person. He came back, and became the president of the United States.

So what can we learn from those wise words?

First of all, when you are in trouble, don’t make more trouble for yourself.

You are unpopular, because you have challenged the status quo.

That is what happens, when you challenge the status qou.

I do it all the time, and get A LOT of heat.

Sometimes, when the leadership is right here in Denmark, it works, but right now, I have little support from the leadership, so I get a lot of heat.

That is the way it is, to be a rebel, you need support.

So, what do you do then?

You recuperate, draw a bit back, to regroup.

Don’t worry, and take the challenges one at a time.

Concerning the trouble you have with women. Well women are very much creatures of habit, they prefer mainstream, most of the them. So when you challenge mainstream, you will have problems with them.

So, what you do is, the opposite of what they would expect. Instead of fighting them, work with them.

Don’t pick the fights, that doesn’t make any sense. Besides, who are always the looser when it comes to fighting women over kids, the kids are the losers.

So just be kind, and work with them. Then they will see, that you are not such a bad guy after all.

So, you are having trouble, because you are challenging the status qou.

You are working yourself up, to be a leader of the whole world in terms of development. But beware, that position is the most difficult of all, and you certainly will not be popular.

G-d bless the will to Change the world to a better place, and be honest about these things. If you see Tesla as an idol, you know exactly how his life was, and yours will be the same, if you follow in his path.

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