Ok, lets us have a look at the current situation.

First of all, the US and the US allies have put a peace deal on the table. My fingerprints are all over it, so I guess, I am invested in the deal.

Let me go trough the details.

The deal tries to find a deal, that gives BOTH parties equal preference. The Gazan Arabs are fighting for their freedom. They get that, by choosing themselves how to govern Gaza.

Israel wants security, Israel gets that, by putting a MUSLIM peacekeeping force in Gaza.

So both parties are listened to.

If we look at the alternatives. What are they. We can go on fighting in Gaza as we have done, that will lead to the destruction of Israel.

At least if we look at the history of the Middle East. Israel has always been held by the strongest power.

Maybe we can defy the historical lesson? But it is a HUGE gamble to live in an area without ANY allies. It would, if we consult history, be a state that will fall when we are out of bullets. Also it would be a state being in constant war with its neighbors.

My advise would be, take the first phase of the deal, negotiate some more, and see if we can get to the next phase, so that we are not promising anything final at any time, but continue to strengthen the diplomatic process, and see if we can find a solution that we can all be happy about.

G-d bless the eternal Israel.

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