Philosophical groundwork

Ok, this is how you may see the current peace negotiations.

There are essentially two opposite ways of humans to do things. The first is the way named by the Italian renaissance philosopher Machiavelli. His is the ultimate cynic. He has absolutely no illusions about human beings, they are not to be trusted, and it is better to kill them, so that you do not have any problems with them in the next generation.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is the Spartan way. Spartans were the ultimate pursuers of justice. In Sparta, law was above man, and no one would challenge the law. The system of justice were impeccable.

It held for 700 years.

There is this story about a Spartan captain in one of the Peloponnese wars, that were so cool and just, that he ended up being the leader of both warring parties!!

So this is the example I have tried to learn from. It worked in the fight against ISIS, it almost seemed like ISIS wanted to be a part of the alliance as well. They did take a lot of my idea and put them into practice, like using drones and so on.

The same example is the one we use in the current war in Gaza, I TRY, to be just to all involved and not put someone above the other. That is the only way that we are able to NEGOTIATE a peace deal. The other option is the Machiavellian way, and that is just not Israel, with all its compassion.

G-d bless the will to finally find the right deal, and a deal that we can say will lay the ground for an eternal Israel.

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