We are getting closer to a solution in the Israeli/Gazan conflict. Still there are many principles to turn and understand. But hopefully we will reach a conclusion within the next one or two months.

A lot of prestige is invested in the deal. World powers are convening, local men of great strength are a part of the discussion. Some are winners some are losers, but the overall trend is, that all of the great powers are actually winning, one way or the other.

It seems to me, that the Americans have been sidelined a bit in the current negotiations. First the process Kerry initiated went wrong, then there was the negotiations with Quatar and Turkey that went wrong as well. Now we have an alliance of the Arab Nations, Israel, Iran and Russia.

If we get closer to a real deal, I really advice getting the Americans in as well. They are key players in the region, and if they get in, areas in other parts of the world could be included in the negotiations. Friendship and goodwill won in one area could perhaps we shared in another area.

I know things are difficult sometimes, but we are all in the same boat, and if Mr. Barack Obama gets some of the credit of the deal, he will be in a much better mood when it comes to make good deals elsewhere.

G-d bless the deals that eventually will lead to peace.

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