imageWinston Churchill was an adamant criticizer of the rise of Nazi Germany. Many, especially the Americans did not really understand why they should get involved in yet another devastating war in Europe, until they opened the gates of Birkenau and Auswitch.

Had we listened to Churchill at an earlier time, things would not have gotten so much out of hand, perhaps Hitler could have been stopped at the gates of Poland, and remained a very positive figure. But because Europe was so war weary, we did not react until it was almost too late.

This lesson is important to remember these days where the Islamic state is on a rampage in the Middle East. We should not be naiv, they are coming to our world sooner or later. In a few years it will not be yazidis who are hanging on crosses but Christians and Jews, in Europe.

If you act in a timely manner, with intelligence and humanity, you can avoid the atrocities that would happen if you ignore the problems.

So, it is time to realize the threat and act on it. But, never indulge in hate and all out war. Because there are many Muslims who wish for a progressive and humane world.

Our task should be to always keep the upper moral ground, never get lost in a reactive tit for tat. This has served us very well in the first phase of the conflict, we should consider this method to be the basis on witch we plan out strategies. Keep our heads clear and act according to the best strategy, not just what we might feel and what angers us.

My father was a very, very wonderful person. I loved him with all a boy could love with. He was a Muslim. He was always an example to me, a wise and strong person. Therefor I know all Muslim are not just evil persons. Muslims are like everybody else, fighting for their spot in the sun, trying to make a better world for their children than what they had themselves. But the ideology of the Islamic state is horrendous. It is as simple as that.

To be a humanist, a Mahathma Ghandhi a Nelson Mandela a Winston Churchill, a Martin Luther King, a Christian X, one has to be honest to the values of a nation. We did inherit these values from exactly the place that is under the dark banner of the Islamists; Mesopotamia, Uruk, Babylon.

We should call for a true vision of these values again. Stop the slaughter, be true to the spiritual calling of G-d. We are just here to bring the harmony between men, not to elevate ourselves to the level of G-ds ourselves. We should be humble and respect life as the gift it is, not just slaughter innocent people, be it monotheist or polytheists.

G-d bless the peace we will win, if we look through the veils of confusion and fear.

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