One thing is sure, the Islamic State are direct. Now they have threatened to kill one journalist, and have already killed one. The bargain is clear; we will kill more, if you do not do as we say.

The language is simple, rule or be ruled. The rule of the strongest. This language will be the language we will talk for the rest of the conflict. There will be no pardon given, no result of any talks, just a huge war of attrition. The Gaza conflict will look like a picnic in the Central Park compared to this war that is coming.

For the western leaders, we should realize, that there is no room of negotiation, no way we can make a deal. We can try, but it will be upturned the day after. The direct aim of the caliphatists is clear, they want to rule the entire world, not just Iraq. They will either be stopped or succeed. Is is this a realistic idea? Well what did people think about Alexander the Great when he started conquering Persia with 50.000 men, and Persia had the ressources of 2 million men? Or when Hitler did the same with a book he wrote in prison? To when Lenin made his first attempts on revolution? Never underestimate an idealist. Few men can change the world with dedication and sacrifice.

So the challenge is real.

If we look at the potential of IS, we see that the webs are everywhere. Basically wherever there is a sizeable community of Sunni Muslims. Especially in Europe are the dangers running high, due to a great idiocy of the current elite and a vitriolic fanaticism of a great part of the Sunni Muslims there. We are talking about 80% of the Muslims in Denmark, according to my sources. The picture is probably the same in the rest of Europe.

These contingents of the populace have already dug in pretty well. Fortified themselves in areas called sensible zones or ghettoes. It is the same, an area in practice under Sunni muslim control, ruled by sharia, but in a discreet manner. Yet they do not hang other people in the squares, but stone them out of their precincts. But when the time comes, the rules will be the same in Iraq and Marseille, after all, this is what sharia prescribes in a revolutionary version, and the people fighting in IS and Marseille are the same.

What are we to do? Well Plato claims in his beautiful little dialogue about courage, that the first step of courage is to stand your ground. This is what we are to do in the first step. Stand our ground, with all means possible. Secondly he says that it is about overcoming our fears. Ultimately these means will give hope.

G-d bless the will to stand our ground in this difficult situation.

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