When we pray for something, we are the little guys, humble, listening to what spirit might have to tell us. We try to be honest to what path spirit may have chosen for us. These indication are always right, they always brings us onto a better place. Sometimes in the small matters, sometimes in the large matters. But, always, if we are humble and listen, will the ideas of spirit leads us to the right place.

So we know, that there is something that is protecting us, guiding us. And we know therefor, that there is hope. This is a lesson we should hold onto in these difficult times, where we are confronted with horrors, challenges, hardships. We need to listen to spirit. Because he has a plan, and we need to follow that plan. The goals are, and must be, as he knows; peace, justice, joy for mankind. Not sacrilege and pain.

Sometimes when war is upon us, we forget to listen to G-d, we are all inflamed by the moment, and we are doing things rashly and without the thought of what comes after the war. The tradegy and pain we give to others, will untimately have to be repented. Because the wounds we give to others do not disappear, it will be our own faults that we somehow have to seek forgiveness of when everything is finished.

So we need to understand, that what we do at the spur of the moment, will we have to go back to at a later stage of our lives, and try to undo.

There is no faults in protection. We should not accept being slaughtered, because also that is a crime. Suicide will not hold us free from blame. The difficult balance is the balance between protection and aggression. This calls for a reflective process, where we, all the time try to understand the consequences of what we do, see it from the perspective of our enemies as well, and seek a path, that is both forceful in defense, and meek in destruction. This is why the precision is paramount. We need to destroy as little as possible. Keep innocents from harm, and try to keep the final bill of the war as small as possible.

This is important, otherwise we are just dragged down to the same level as our enemies, and they would love that, but that would be a sin. We are not sinners, we are defenders of the weak. Strong in ideas, strong in arms, but not weak in conscience.

G-d bless the wise in battle and the strong in applying the adequate force.

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