Well, it is time for another swing of the old humanistic/democratic warhorse at battle.

Once again do the old warrior face an inhuman opponent. Once again is it time to raise that flag of freedom. Let it unfurl in the wind, and stand guard at its side.

This time, it is not nazism or communism, it is islamism. The end foe of our benign and good faith. The opposite of Democracy, the opposite of humanism. A faith willing to tread upon those whom it dislikes with the foulest of methods.

After the Syrian/Iraqi war, the next theatre of war will be Europe, in this theatre there will be numerous allies, and a few opponents.

My take on it, would be to advance diplomatic players as soon as mr. Trump gets into office. Let ambassadors start either advancing good strategies or threats to the country.

I am absolutely certain, that with the right set of ambassadors, we can do this.

For the few potential adversaries, that is Norway and Denmark, we will have to flip them.

That should be the initial strategy. Contact the leaders of countries, and urge them to join the fray.

In Denmark, they are pretty stubborn, but the current PM mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen can be swayed.

We have to see a widespread crackdown on all the persecution of pro democratic intellectuals in Denmark. That is Flemming Rose, Lars Hedegaard, me, Uwe Max Jensen and Morten Storm.

At the same time, pro islamist propaganda by the mainstream media, especially the BBC´s of Denmark and Norway, should be stopped immediately. No more mr. positive islamist, cute islamist girls on tv and the like. We need a crackdown on that as well.

When we have flipped the last remaining countries, we then need to make more elaborate strategies involving new tech. It seems to me, that DARPA has been focusing on the personal drone tech. Tech that will help our infantry a lot. This should be held in US military only, and kept under lid, so that no islamist will get a hand on it, at all.

This is on our tech edge in the guerilla fighting that may start.

This is it gentlemen. The fight is moving to another scenario, actually, I believe we are more or less ready. We can keep soldiers alive, and we will win!

G-d bless the will to fight another day, for Democracy!

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