First test of mr. Trump


Well, it appears to me to, that most of my plans are working. I know, that the CIA is pretty critical towards the friendship between mr. Putin and mr. Trump. But why not try looking at it this way; it is an opener for a better relationship.

I know, that there are still some unsolved problems i Ukraine, and the two leaders should solve these problems, in fact I believe that this crisis is the first international test of mr. Trump. If he manages to solve this crisis, he will have done a great deal in a short time. He has the necessary political capital with mr. Putin, there are actually no doctrinal differences between the two, and there is a chance to solve the crisis.

What I believe however, is that we still need to have a ground level understanding of the problems we are facing. The crisis is still the same, two parts of Ukraine; Luhansk and Donetsk want to be a part of Russia. This is, in my opinion their own choice. As with Sevastopol and Krim, we need to hear the voice of the people. Otherwise this will be unfair. We should then, all of us, accept that verdict. Luhansk and Donetsk have already held an election, where they voted to stay with Russia. That is their choice in my opinion.

We however need to compensate Ukraine for the loss of territory. This we could do by giving them some lucrative business deals, help them rebuilding their country, send some of our leading intellectuals to help their school system, rebuild their armed forces, give them money to make a new start.

In this way they lose territory, but gain development.

I know that this is a difficult situation, with a lot of historical grievances, but the solution should be fair.

Not to mention, that we really could use the good people of Ukraine in the coming war against the Islamists in Europe, something they know a bit about.

This is how I would tackle it. If there are any better ideas out there, please let me hear.

G-d bless the peace we should find.

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