We did it!

It is a kind of strange, so many years since I started at SIAD, and finally we are at the end of the station in terms of the political fight. I won, hands down, no one forgotten, all remembered all honoured, I won.

The strange thing about is however, I have none to celebrate with. I am alone, all my friends have fallen along the way, and I am the only one left.

As Lot when he looked down to Sodom and Gommorah, he knew that he was the only one who had the stamina to keep the perspective.

Except this time G-d will not punish us, he will redeem us.

Now, all that there is left of this fight, is for me to get all the laurels, the recognition, the praise.

But right now, as Trump moves into the White House, and he is picking up on my ideas, as the fight is moving to Europe, and the leftist media have lost their grip on me. I am all alone, there is none to call, those who once did answer, answers no more. Democracy has had its final hero, walking into the cave to save it. But on the way he lost all his palls. They are all gone, only one man back in the fight.

It is lonely here, but I did it for good, and with my and all my friends sacrifices, we have saved the West and the East. All the descendants of the vikings that once sailed out from Scandinavia. We have saved them, at the most difficult moment, we did it.

What comes now, is a fierce fight, and we can lose it, if we are not careful. But the tide has turned, and we have a very, very clear shot at redemption. That is; all the nations of Europe, Russia, the US, we are back as a world leading powerhouse.

And, in a rare boast, I did it.

I am so proud of that. And I am so proud of all those who were friends along the way. We did it!

We should be proud of that. The turn around of the West and the East.

The turn around, the turn around. We did it!

G-d bless the tenacity of the believers in democracy and spirit.

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