The open network

When I started my political/intellectual career many years ago, I was in a fearsome rebellion against the oppression of the liberal media. I was in the vanguard of the internet revolution and a pioneer in new media.

I raged against the machine.

Now, I have realised, after reading the book of Andrew Breibart; Righteous Indignation, that the entire background of mr. Trump, is precisely the same.

I remember, when I first realised, that the main stream media was trying to picture the reality in a way, that was wrong.

It was at the same time, as the iconic movie “Matrix” was released. You had this feeling, that you could either choose the red, or that blue pill. Which one is for you Nemo?

The allegory makes sense now; it was about going on the internet, and realising, that there is a whole other story out there, than the Liberal media wants it to be.

After some time, I hooked up with mr. Obama. He is, himself, a rebel of sorts, and he did not buy the whole oppression of the conservatives idea. He wanted to cooperate, and work with the Conservatives from the start. You can see it in his hand shake with mr. Trump. Mr. Obama is not a divisive character. He is an honest and gracious person.

So by taking me in the innermost workings of the liberal party, he took a rebel and made him an architect. Wrap your head around that for a second.

In Matrix, the name of the city that Nemo reaches is Zion. The vessel is called Nebuchadnezzar.

Zion being zionism, that Israel. Nebuchadnezzar being Law and justice. Since king Nebuchadnezzar was the inventor of the law.

With the work, I have done for mr. Obama, I have, in a sense been accepted and infused into the machine. I have become a part of it, in a positive sense.

The internet revolution has become a part of the system.

We should make a choice now, in the Liberal camp. Do we start enforcing more rules on media, or do we open up?

I say, make an open world. As Niels Bohr taught us. We should not start clamping down on ideas we do not like.

After all, we have the best ideas, even Trump is following us, so why should we.

And, we are not mr. Smiths, and “the machine” or “the Matrix”, we are honest, law abiding, sincere Alinskyietes who are fighting for a more equal and democratic world.

That is the core, and that is strong enough for us to uphold the power that we deserve.

G-d bless the will to be honest, and open.

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