I have been talking a lot about the American revolution. But you guys need to know what I am talking about exactly to understand what I believe Change really is.

We are talking about Democracy, right? The banner of a system that is the creed of the mightiest power earth, the very glue that binds the people together. The claim of a system that gives the US international leadership. No, what gives the US international leadership.

What is it really? And why does it make sense to strive for it, to even revolutionize for it?

Well, as Montesquieu claim, the very birthplace of the Democratic revolution is in fact not in Athens, but was brought to France through the settlers that came from Scandinavia. The Merovingians, the Goths and so on.

The yearning for freedom is not a system per se, it is the way we here in Scandinavia used to organise things.

So how did that protodemocracy actually work?

We have some written sources about it here in Denmark, because the shift from what used to be called “The Freestate” and consecutively the churchstate, is documented by the scribes of the new rising church power.

In Denmark it was founded by the king Valdemar and his bishop Absalon.

When you read about the atrocities and the torture the kings men gave to the free farmers, it is like seeing and ancient world dying in its sad, sad demise.

All the ancient elders were slaughtered, the brave young men of the Thing were killed in their beds. It led to upheaval and battles at places called Dybsiebro and Lommeå.

THIS is the ideal the French philosophers tried to recreate in France and after that in the US. The freedom of the free man in convention to chose his own leaders.

So in a sense, it is wrong to call it a revolution, it would be more precise to call a renaissance, a rebirth.

So how did it actually work.

It worked by a convention of free men, meeting a the Thing, discussing the affairs of the world. The convention, the Thing, could choose king, call for war, call for migration, could elect ministers of affair and could solve disputes.

The king would then have a hird, his personal protective guard.

So what is the difference between then and now?

First of all, there are layers upon layers between each free man or woman and the leadership. There are media, there are bureaucracy, there is business interest and so on.

Each power must be held in check, in order to let the people have power.

That is the task of the politicians, as the representative of the people.

Change is, in its essence, the striving for that Thing, that were so evilly taken away from us, from the kings men.

They had great riders, riding down our free men. The free men were tortured and put down, only to rise again a thousand years after.

This is your birthright and your mission, NEVER to let the kings men take away the freedom of your citizens again.

You had this as a birth present, and now things have detoriated a bit. You need to think about how to keep the system alive and well.

Sometimes that includes shedding all your prejudice, and look at things anew. Be honest, look at things from a fresh perspective, accept that we are not perfect, but we can be better, look at yourself and not just at other people for faults.

Democracy has this thing called, Change, because it is the greatest motor of changing, sometimes not to our liking, but always to the liking of the people.

Arm the people with wellbeing, security, good institutions, justice, safety, jobs. But all these things are basically superficial, what is the most important to give the people, is freedom.

G-d bless the willingness to be bold in action and honest in conduit. G-d bless the United States of America.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    September 4th, 2017 at 04:55 | #1

    I truly think Democracy Sucks and here is why.
    To use an example: if an average citizen does not have the right to tax or steal from his neighbour, then he cannot go ahead and vote for one of his friends to do it. Furthermore, if a particular group – even a group with a majority in a certain area – decided to vote for themselves or one another, to tax and steal from innocent people, they would not be justified in doing so. In this situation, these people would essentially be granting a privilege to another person that they themselves did not have, which is obviously a ridiculous idea.
    However, this is exactly how democracy and representative government works. The power of the politicians is supposedly granted by the people. However, average people don’t have the right to do things that politicians and agents of the state do on a regular basis. Therefore, the people living in a democracy never had the authority that they allegedly gave their government to begin with, which means that this authority does not exist and that the government does not have a right to use it.

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    September 5th, 2017 at 08:58 | #2

    Well, seen from a Danish perspective, Democracy was here before a hellenized state system as you refer to was implemented.

    Historically, hellenization came with the church.

    Then, at the French Revolution, the French philosophers made a combination of a Hellenistic and viking state. Pointing to Scandinavia as the inspiration for freedom as a virtue.

    Now being a Dane, I know how that freedom system was, and there was basically no state, no tax, very few government officials. The state was basically run as a volunteer project.

    Then came all the things that you talk about.

  3. Rene’ Descartes
    September 18th, 2017 at 06:26 | #3

    Hello Asger, here is something you should know
    The New Age……Really.
    The teacher said: Whether the Earth of the future is habitable or not, you should be prepared to leave this physical plane, leave your body. Even if there are no Earth changes or wars of destruction, someday you will die anyway, and to do it ‘right’, you should have experienced ‘death’ of selfishness (transcended selfishness yourself) beforehand.
    And to live right, to attain Universal Consciousness, to become a fully Unselfishly Loving being, you must also have experienced “death” of all selfish attitudes beforehand.
    The ‘heaviest’ teachings were yet to come.
    They were something I was yet to learn about, that hadn’t even crossed my Ostrich mind. I guess I had a “safety net”, even in my own relatively open minded beliefs. What was the “safety net”? Since I believed in reincarnation, and knew we kept getting chances to “get it right”, at least there was that. But then my teacher told me about the ancient old world teachings regarding the next historical cycle. “The primary difference between the time of Atlantis (Noah) flood and now is that THOSE WHO ARE NOT FREE FROM THEIR KARMA WHEN THEY DIE THIS TIME, FREE FROM THE NEED TO REINCARNATE, WILL HAVE NO BODIES TO RETURN TO AFTER THE CHANGES.”
    That was a shocker. It took me a few minutes to assimilate and grasp all that it meant. My teacher could see this, and just waited until I recovered, then he went on. “Many people will die as a result of these forthcoming Earth changes, leaving far fewer human inhabitants on Earth afterwards.
    There is even the possibility of total extinction of human life on Earth. But let’s say there are still humans living on Earth, which is likely. These people will have gone through major changes, physically, mentally, and spiritually. These will be the seeds of a new human race. Their consciousness will be of Oneness with the Universal Spirit. This will be a great new age. But think about your lessons regarding Universal Law.
    The Universal Law (Like begets like) that dictates that vibration will seek its own level, will make a sort of ‘Natural Selection’ of who will be able to reincarnate.
    You know the teachings on conception of a child, and consciousness. Thus, those who do not free themselves from selfishness, would not be of the consciousness that would allow them to incarnate in the offspring of the new higher consciousness inhabitants of the new Earth – not for a very long time at least.” “What about materialization rather than birth.” “What about it? We were able to do that when we first came to this plane because our consciousness and nature was so much of the spiritual plane.
    And certainly anyone with such consciousness can do that. But what are we talking about here? The selfish, material bound masses of the Earth plane? Who of them will be capable of materialization?” “So what will happen to those that don’t make it?” “Since the Earth will not be an option for them, and since they are still bound to the selfish separate self, and the material plane, something else must happen to them, because nothing is ever truly destroyed or lost in this Universe. Things only change form. So what will happen to them?
    The ancient teachings say they will incarnate within the bowels of Saturn, and live in a lava like state for millions of years, awaiting the right conditions for them to be able to return to the Earth, to try and get it right.” I was stunned. Speechless.
    But what about death and dying now?
    Well, when the mechanical clay body humans are using loose the life force, they will learn in a hurry. Dead is not the end of everything as the materialist think, Consciousness cannot die, because it was not borne but was part of the Universal Consciousness long before it began to use mechanical flesh bodies. In fact your body cannot die, because it was never alive. The life-force and consciousness (Soul) used the death flesh and made it to move.
    Life Force and Conscious awareness goes hand in hand, one cannot be without the other. When the Life Force has left the body we say the body is death, but in reality, the life force and conscious awareness is still there, but simply stopped using the mechanical shaped clay. The life force is eternal (always has been and always will be), as are Conscious awareness. (Soul).
    The intellect in the brain is toast when the Soul leave the human body. When it happens, the clay body will decompose and rot. I truly hope that you now can begin to understand that “You” are the Conscious Awareness and life force, you are not the mechanical, mute, animated, primate, mammal, flesh you look at in the mirror.
    The opposite of death is birth, not life. Life, like The Creator, has no opposite.
    But what about a new age on Earth? The possibility exists. But it is important to keep in mind that we are spiritual beings. That is our true state, our real state. We are not this physical baggage, this mechanical clay animal we use for transport while on Earth. We fell here. But we do not really belong here. The Earth is not our home.
    So if you really achieve the kind of spiritual enlightenment that would entitle you to be a citizen of such a glorious new age in which everyone has Universal consciousness, and then you are given the choice to either stay here, or return to angelic bodies and travel the Universe in bliss, in “heaven”, what would you choose? It wouldn’t really matter, but most people do enjoy traveling if they can afford it and don’t have insecurity issues.
    But RIGHT NOW, there are only two valid reasons for being here, other than for a visit. Again, we fell from our spiritual state here, and took on this physical state as an aspect of our separation from the One, making the physical form part of our separate self. So first, we need to be here until we break free of our bonds to the Earth and our selfish separate selves. So the first valid reason to be here is because we must while we work towards attaining enlightenment and Oneness again.
    Then, once that is attained, we are free to go, but the compassion that brought us to our rebirth in Oneness, also makes us want to stay to help others who are still slaves to their separate-selves, and bound to the Earth. Thus, staying to help others is the only other valid reason for living on Earth at this time.
    Help Wanted. What is needed most today? First, that people be warned that they will be dealing with the repercussions of their actions, and that humans as a whole will also be dealing with grand repercussions on an Earth-wide scale (global Karma). What is of primary importance is that you are doing one of two things – helping to awaken others to the Spirit within them and without them, or developing that awareness yourself (you cannot give that which you don’t have).
    The Greatest Service you Can Do for the Universal Spirit, is To Serve Others. The Greatest Service to Others, Is Awakening them to the Universal Consciousness That lies Within them, And helping them Free themselves From their Selfish Separate Self.
    Thus, we first need to prepare ourselves so that we may be an instrument in helping our brothers and sisters prepare.
    What is meant by prepare? To become One with the Universal Spirit; To be One spiritually, mentally, and physically. We must be transcendent of selfishness, regardless of what takes place around us. Many are making the move “back to the land” towards self-sufficiency in order to better prepare for the coming changes and to live in harmony with nature.
    This is wise if it is in harmony with Universal flow rather than spurred on by selfish motivation. Although living in harmony with nature, with the land and elements, is a normal inclination when the physical is more in tune with Spirit, ultimately, you must be where you are needed most for the Universal Work, not where you want to be, or where it is most natural to be. For some it may be in the countryside, for some in the city, for some a foreign country. What are your motives for being where you are? What are you doing? FIRST YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF OR YOU WON’T HAVE THE ABILITY TO REALLY HELP OTHERS. PEOPLE SHOULD PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH, AND TEACH BY EXAMPLE.
    The ideal state of things is for everyone to be a giving person all the time. This is the state of paradise. In an ideal material world this would include material things. On the material plane (which indeed is part of the whole and should reflect Universal Harmony) everyone has different talents and skills, and if all give, all needs will be filled. For example, a seamstress makes clothes, a shoemaker makes shoes, a carpenter carps, etc. In a world where everyone is giving, taking care of each other, it would work very simply. If the seamstress needs shoes, she gets them. If the shoemaker needs a house, it’s built. If the carpenter needs clothes, they’re made.
    No bargaining a trade, no buying or selling, just giving, just Unselfish Love. This is the idea behind ‘brotherly’ love – and…… communism. But communism doesn’t work well for the ordinary people of the world. Do you know why?
    The same reason democracy and everything else doesn’t work well either. Selfishness. And with selfishness mixed with communism or democracy, it can be a lot worse. When you take away the greed and selfish factor in making a living, and put things on a level that all things are shared, few people start putting out less effort, supposedly. They do this for a couple of reasons: 1) They know they will get taken care of regardless of how much they contribute. 2) They know that regardless of how much they contribute, they won’t get any more than a share in everyone’s prosperity.
    However, done properly, by Unselfishly Loving beings, such a thing would increase the wealth, beauty, diversity and creativity of an entire society beyond anything that’s been known. But the selfish separate self will always prevent that as long as it is in control. And, as we have seen by the communist governments that were controlled by selfish separate selves, they would cheat and destroy it all anyway. The only reason it can work in a Spiritual enclave such as ours, is because we can control it here so much better, so much more easily, and the main concern or direction here, is to become selfless and giving, not just to share everything equally, and selfishly.
    Fortunately, until the whole world can live together in Unselfish Love, we have the mini-world, the mini-society, the spiritual community, where those who desire to, can open up and give of themselves. In a Spiritual community such as that, everyone is either already Unselfishly Loving, or working towards achieving that. And such joining of forces makes for a much greater force. Of course, even in our own community, we must stay vigilant, and occasionally must route out and chastise the lazy who would selfishly take advantage of our brotherly love or carry their responsibility, but overall, it is the greatest way of living.
    There have been many sorts of alternative communities formed over the years. Communities with a strong spiritual foundation, and leadership, are the ones that stand the test of time. Those that don’t have strong spiritual leadership, usually disintegrate, entirely or partially, with the members withdrawing from each other into their separate spaces, holding bitter feelings.
    There will eventually come a time when everyone will be Unselfishly Loving and One with the Universal One, then there will be no need for leaders or teachers, and ‘government’ will come from within. But in a spiritual community, at this stage of consciousness evolution, there is a definite need for leadership.
    This is a method by which the love the student has for the teacher, tunes the student into the teacher’s Universal Consciousness, and thus raises the student’s own consciousness. Besides the functions and purposes of the spiritual community we have thus far mentioned, there is also the advantage of the concentrated/combined power you have when people unite. Great things can be accomplished when we work as One. Alone, we can accomplish little compared to that which we can do together. ‘Whenever two or more are gathered together in His name…’”
    The New Age World, not New World order.
    We need new Spiritual centers, but in these times there is the danger that any small true spiritual movement in which people live together in a monastic fashion, will simply be labelled a “cult”, demonized, attacked and destroyed. Such labelling and harassment can even happen just because it doesn’t fit in with the ever more closely monitored “norm of behaviour”.
    So regarding new communities, it cannot be just as it was – perhaps in the future, after the great changes, but not now. On a side note, fortunately, the great changes are coming. The prophecies, including the “desecration of the land of the teachers”, have come to pass, and more prophecies are still being fulfilled. Just a few years ago, I saw the destruction of the Church of Assisi where St. Francis was buried. It was devastated by an earthquake – it was a sign, a fulfilment of prophecy.
    Also as I write, a cloud of smoke half the size of the United States, is choking people around Asia, and the incredible fires in many places that are causing it, were started by humans destroying more fertile soil. And humans changing the atmosphere of the Earth itself – “ElNino” phenomenon, dying reefs, giant holes of ozone depletion, over-fishing of the oceans. You name it, there it is.
    As humankind’s stupidity brings nature’s reactions, we are accelerating towards change. More volcanoes are activating and erupting. People everywhere are dying of drought, flooding, and new diseases. Famine and economic collapse are around the corner. Earth quakes are increasing exponentially.
    Many people don’t see it and don’t want to believe these things are coming. They’re in denial because they’re afraid. It’s quite natural, because the scenario can be quite frightening. But seeing what is really going on, and what is coming, is just a matter of opening your eyes, and looking at it all without fear. It helps if you see it as a healing crisis rather than just a horrible meaningless destruction.
    Some of our ways of life of the past are gone. Time is short, and we must adapt, or cease to survive entirely. Thus, we must use the tools of these times to our own ends as much as possible. The future will see the building of new centers or communities. Perhaps benefactors will come forward to help, but in any case, we will find the means if it is in the Will of the Universal Spirit.
    But as long as one of us is still alive, we will always carry on our work, with or without our primary Community.
    There are still teachers around the world for those who want, need, and are ready for one. And advances in technology are also affording new ways of reaching and helping large numbers of people, in many different ways. The vibrational sounds can accurately be reproduced, and made available to the masses.
    Compiled in love. I bet you a fond adieu.
    I am humbly
    Rene’ Descartes

  4. Asger Trier Engberg
    September 19th, 2017 at 15:32 | #4

    Dear Rene

    As usual, a very wise comment. Especially the realization that there might not be another reincarnation is pretty bleak.

    I do not know if we end up in this all encompassiong armageddon, but the signs are there, no doubt. With the rate of births, do the math yourself!

    It is true, that one needs a closed community to make democracy work good. There has to be some kind of shared soul between those who are in the democratic community. In Denmark we used to talk about the soul of the people “folkesjælen”. This worked untill the EU destroyed this unique form of democracy. It is a pretty spiritual thing for the Danes.

    I do agree, that there will be a recogning, let us see where it all end up.

    G-d bless you.

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