Hope and Change

Well, I have just had the honor to attend a speech by the late ambassador to Denmark by the US. It was a trip down memory lane, with all the things that Mr. Gifford told us about how he experienced his stay here in Denmark and his loss at the election.

I almost felt I was there with him. I had exactly the same feelings of loss and defeat.

Then, the crux of the matter with the Democratic party; what now? After such a profound loss, something we have not really recovered from, then what now?

When Barack and I set out to Change the American Democracy, we did exactly that. We fought for Change for two central pillars of American society. The Democratic Constitution itself, and the church of America.

We call it Hope and Change. Hope being a reinstatement of the faith of the church. Change being the reinstatement of the faith in the Democratic system.

We did it because there was a problem. Faith in the church was seriously lacking, and the faith in the system was lacking.

I will give you a story, that might tell you a little about what is really at stake here.

In the Bible, there is a story about a man who lives in a city, where everybody are corrupt. G-d tells him, if he can find one man beside himself that is good, then he will redeem the city.

He cannot find another good man, so G-d burns down the city Sodom, bring hellfire to bear.

This is the stakes we are up against, and the reason why our Democracy is failing. The corruption in the system is eating the whole Republic.

So what did we do; we tried to inspire a new generation of good people, that would strengthen their own resolve, and reject the corruption of the city.

Unfortunately, we never realized that project, the people did not see what we were trying, and they elected someone to tell us to clean up, to be strong in our conviction of moral integrity. No more coronations, no more back ally deals. Clean people, with a clean slate.

So, in a strange way, both the people and Barack and I agree. We should repent, do better, be better people. Stop taking anyones money. Be simple and idealistic, with the will of the people.

We sincerely tried to ask G-d for another chance, and he did not really agree.

So what is the morale of this story.

The morale is, we need to do better. Shed all the corruption, if we can. Be good, in our hearts, be wise and honest.

So Mr. Gifford thinks, that there is a new generation of leaders coming up, and there are many who wish to be the next leader.

At least, that is a good thing. There are actually now people flocking to the banner, trying to be honest and search for a clear way out of the mess.

So all is not lost, we still have time.

Democracy will only survive by the blood of the martyrs.

I gave you my best years, while I was tortured by the Danish state.

This blood of mine, I gave you without any thought of repay, is the blood you are running on now.

Use that sacrifice wisely. Because I did not only do it because I am your friend, I did it because you have the most illustrious, beautiful, amazing and wonderful Democracy on earth. Your system is a rare gem of politics.

We philosophers invented it, and now it is in trouble. I hope, that the transfusion you got from me, will save it.

Because otherwise, such an amazing thing will fall away. That would be devastating.

So buckle up, lift your chin, have faith. It will come around, if you just look insides yourself, and fight for Change and Hope.

Because that would be the fundamentals of Democracy and Church.

G-d bless the willingness to do good, and never give up in these difficult times.

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