imageThere is a sound reason why I have pushed for at democratic/religious state.

On one hand we have the values and the virtues of religion, and on the other hand we have the values and virtues of democracy. These two institutions are not born in separation, rather they were born in integration.

In the Mesopotamian area, where both the ideas of democracy and religion come from. It was one and whole.

Democracy originally come from the city states of Babylon, Ur and Eridu (Eden). We have scant knowledge of this in the democratic camp, but in religion we know this, because Abraham was a citizen of Ur who travelled to Babylon.

But we know, that Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king, was originally the founder of law.

In the ancient Mesopotamian city states it worked, more or less the same way as today. They had three tiers in the government, they had judges and they had a local deity in each city. As Athens has Athena, each city had its own G-d. Monotheism started with Moses, not with Abraham.

So what Abraham really invents, is a religion to support the city states of the Mesopotamian area. That is, the same system as we have in democracy.

Democracy was then really developed in the Greek city states, especially Athens, in the golden age of the Greek. But it was still the same basic blueprint the Greek build on, as the mesopotamians build on.

In the French Revolution, European civilization took a huge leap forward. We left the feudalistic governments, and reentered the ideas of the city state. In the revolution, we really left religion, that had allied itself with the feudalist monarchs, and therefor really fought the revolution.

But in fact, if that age had been less confrontational, and more compromisive. A democratic state based on religion could have been the result.

In fact, that would have a been a complete return of the classical ideas.

Why do democracies need religion? Because it is prone to corrupt over time. This is really the idea of Abraham; to make a system of resistance in the city states, otherwise prone to corrupt.

You see? The architecture the ancients made, is, to this day, incomplete. This is why the democracies, especially in Europe, are absolutely corrupt, because the system of resistance is not working. We are having a half completed system.

Add to this the capitalist system of brokering and money lending, you have a system about to collapse.

This is why religion is so important, because it is supposed to kick in when the democratic states are corrupting.

There are other systems, as the philosophers, but really we are the last barricade, and we only seem to work temporarily, religions is much more embedded in society, and has a much more lasting effect.

So what I am saying is, I do not dream up Utopias of unrealistic societies. I am more like a carpenter, I like to make good chairs and solid doors, so that people are able to sit well, and the draft is kept out.

I try, to my best ability, to come up with recommendations, based on historical knowledge and experience. I am not a dreamer, I am a realist.

I work to enhance the possibility of good. Good will only appear, if the society is crafted according to the best and most proven rules, not in daydreams.

Take Marx and Engels. They had a lot of ideas, but they were bad craftsmen. You cannot make a spartan society, and then make it international. It simply does not work, and in fact, Lycurgus, the founder of Sparta especially warned against foreign influences, he said that the system would fall, if it was not a closed system.

Marx and Engels should have listened to that, but they were more prone to dream about international systems, and not humble enough to make a small system that actually worked according to the principles of Lycurgus.

I hope, I do not make the same fault, but I know, that what I try to recommend is based in solid knowledge, and I know that this system will propel the world into more goodness, not less.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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