The Danes and the Jews

imageDanish Jewry have some very deep roots, for over four hundred years, Jews have been a part of the Danish society. Sometimes in conflict, but mostly as a respected and contributive part of the society.

At large, most Danes have absolutely nothing against Jews, in fact most Danes have a Jewish great grandmother or an uncle in a few generations back being Jew.

We saw this friendship in the Second World War, where Jews were rescued by the Danes in a very dangerous operation. My own great grandmother was one of them.

Now, things have changed the last forty years however. It started with the advent of the hippies, and culminated with the hard core communist infiltration in the seventies. Bonds of alliances and phony friendship was initiated with Palestinian Arabs of different observance. First the PLO, then Hamas by some.

The great change started with immigration of Middle East Arabs to Denmark. This was facilitated by the naïf Danes, who did not see through the smokescreens and conspiracies of the Arabs. What seemed a good idea at the time, have evolved into an everlasting nightmare.

Palestinians have, more or less, taken control over the fourth largest city in Denmark; Odense. Corrupting the youth, and stealing everything they can put their hands on.

Add to this a vast number of areas in the direct control of Hamas, or Hamas related organizations here in Denmark. The honey moon soon became a forced marriage with very little happiness for the hapless Danes. Their hospitality and good will abused to the extreme; honour killings of Danes, mass raping and abuse of the social system.

Still, however, a large part of the socialist constituency hold on to the ideas they originally formed in their naïf youth. They still see Palestinians as persecuted individuals, fleeing from the Nazi like aggressor called Israel. Disregarding the entire game of kings in the Middle East and unable to see how they were conned and abused by the Arabs.

Why? Because realizing that you have lived on a lie, is like recognizing that you have squandered your life away on a drunk and abusive husband. You have to realize, that you were fooled, and your live was spent on working on a conflict, that you never really understood, and therefore never did right.

As a young man raised in the hell hole my parents generation helped build, it is less easy to fool myself. I see it for what it is, and talk about it the way it is. To the horror of my parents generation who are, for a while, still in power.

But, it has now come to a violent conclusion, and not only the future of Denmark, but also the future of the diaspora Jews are in danger.

The Palestinians and other immigrants are not naïf, they know that there is a battle between Jews and the different sectors of anti Zionists in the country, and they fight this fight without much regard to the host country’s ideas of up and down concerning ethics and tradition. Why should they? They have already made their own states, so why bother.

This however presents Denmark with an existential choice: Will Denmark continue to accept the virulent anti Jewish sentiment of the immigrant societies, or will it take action.

So far, it has been the other way around, as with acceptance of leading artists comments on holocaust, the persecution of me and my family. The state tries to purge all who really stand up for the Jews. And accepts those who are against it.

We all know what has happened to states who were fighting Jews. As with the Greek, the Romans, the Babylonian, the Nazis

It is difficult to address the problem from an objective angle, and perhaps there is no other answer than that Jews are held together by a tradition thousands of years old, and a purpose that has been undying since it was given to Abraham.

But there is no doubt, that the choice of the anti Jewish path will lead to the destruction of Denmark. Already the signs are clear; massive unrest, demoralization, no initiative.

I have, numerous times, carried Denmark on my shoulders, but now Denmark is trying to kill me. Which way will Denmark choose? The anti Jewish, or the support of Jews in their difficulties in Denmark.

This is the core of the crisis between Israel and Denmark. Israel is critical of the path Denmark has chosen, because it is evident, that no Jews will be left in Denmark in just twenty year time, if not something serious is done about the current development.

This is a small, but significant loss to the diaspora Jews, but a huge moral loss to the Danes. Who will sing your songs? Make your best Højskoler? Build your prosperous businesses? The Palestinians. Not so, but soon you will have more catastrophe, and less light, if you choose to follow the path of anti Judaism.

G-d bless the light of reason.

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