Well, that was a bit of a drama mr. Trump. First inviting yourself, then making a big blunder, and then retreating without that much of a grace. 

What happened? Well, you just got acquainted with a bit of Danish culture. 

Let me try and explain. Denmark is the vile, tough, primitive little brother of England. 

Where England is illustrious and civilized, we are tough and no nonsense. Where England is advanced, we are plain. 

The Brits call us a peasant country, and to honest, we are. We are the hill Billy’s of Northern Europe. In some areas, to be honest most, this is a bit of a what you say, not so respectable. But when it comes to be tough, we are tough. 

Not only that, we are smart as well. 

If you challenge us, we will bite back. 

Now, our women are, more or less like us men. Tough, no nonsense and true fighters. 

That is both annoying and very cool. 

Mrs. Frederiksen comes from the same area as I am living in now, that is Northern Jutland. Our symbol is a great roaring bull. Tough, no nonsense, and a true menace to the enemies, an untamed force. 

So what you wanted to buy, was in a sense a mountain girl, with a great pitchfork in her right arm, ready to strike. 

You don’t try to bargain with a gal like that, you talk with her and make her your equal. If you do that, then you have a warriors wife at your side, a pretty good support in times of war. 

Now, we are like you, like you Americans in many ways. Unpolished, Protestants. 

That is why you like us, and that is why we essentially like you. 

We are simple folk, as most of you are. 

So, maybe after you know this, we can start the dialogue in earnest. 

Anyway, you are always welcome as a friend. 

G-d bless the mutual friendship between the US and Denmark. 

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