The spirit of the empire

Concerning the current EU negotiations, one could, in terms of looking af the needs of the involved parties, discuss how one would plan a strategy. 

First what are the needs of the Brits, especially the voters. They are many actually. But at the core of the vote a great support for the empire, the Queens attitude towards Great Britain, that is that Great Britain is a hub of knowledge, power and international movement, is shared among the constituents. 

They are not a part of the continent, they are proud, independent Englishmen, Walisians, Scots and Irishmen. 

They therefor want to realize that spirit of the empire. Someone might even call it the soul of the empire. 

At the other hand, EU wants the same essentially. EU ALSO wants to be an empire, but the difference is, that where UK is a power player in the British Empire, UK is a vassalstate in EU.

So both parties wants the same, but they have different ideas about where the power should reside. Either in Bruxelles or in London. 

So to satisfy the voters, which is what this all about, especially if you want to win a second term. You need to deliver on their expectations. 

Whether this independence is won by no deal or a deal, doesn’t matter. What matters is, that it is delivered. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom. 

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