When I started my career as a philosopher, it was all in a pub called “The Danish pub”.

I remember I laid out my freshly minted ideas for the gawking public of assorted freedom fighters there. Among them a lot of Americans in fact.

It was a “Nicea Gathering” moment. From that point of the entire West seemed to change course. First the signs were pretty small. Danish resistance fighters told their political connections about the novel ideas, and it kind of spread from there.

Then it went on to form the EDL, that kind went global too, the SIOE, it planted roots in Holland, in the UK (especially in England) in the Vatican, in the Anglican church, in France, and most forcefully in the US.

What was the rave?

It was a whole new philosophy, including faith, democracy, islamism, and most importantly of all, it included Jews as a positive force.

So the new nationalists were not anti Jewish, but pro Jewish.

In this way, this whole new package gave the embattled right a new chance. A VERY forceful chance for at revolution.

Then after a lot of persecution by the Danish state, coordinated from the EU, who, falsely saw my ideas as a go on them, mr. Obama kind of picked me up from the gutter, where I, at that point was lying crying my eyes out, after having lost everything.

So coming from being the firebrand of right wing policy becoming the firebrand of liberal policies seemed kind of weird at the time. However, if you look at the content of the ideas, they are as much right wing as left wing, merging the two positions into one.

So this is where we are after mr. Trump has become leader, he is a middle leaning politician, people may not see it as though because of his style, but if you look at the content, he is much more of the Churchillian mold. That is a middle position, but just with new content.

We will see how things evolve, but one thing is sure, I started something pretty significant in the pub ten years ago, and as all other revolutions, it will change the world to some degree.

This time, hopefully into something more harmonious and whole. Something better, something people can believe in. Change.

G-d bless the will of the creator.

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