IS strategies

Well, there are several issues we have to take into consideration regarding the fight against IS.

The world has truly changed due to the changing fortunes of media, so we are a lot more free in applying force around the globe.

We do not need to be too worried about a media backlash.

What we do have to worry about, is how things look on Facebook and Twitter. These are the new medias to consider.

How does that work? It works by rumour spreading. There is always a fire beneath the smoke as they say.

This means, that we, basically have to be honest about the means we apply.

The false stories are gone, but the true stories remain.

This means that we cannot hide anything, but on the other hand, neither can our enemies.

When they do something cruel, the whole world will know the second after. As we have seen in all the terror attacks, where the truth has emerged pretty fast after they were done.

The war playing field has levelled out.

In terms of allies, we are pretty strong. The entire world is behind us. That is not a problem.

What is a problem is what they are willing to do, and how much we may influence them.

The war is moving to Europe and the West in general. We have seen terror attacks in Melbourne, Copenhagen, London, Germany, France.

So, mostly these ancient and often strong states are with us on this.

But the problem is. They are often trying to play a false game.

They send out troops to the Middle East theatre, but when the islamist fighters return to their newly adopted Western country. They treat them as war heroes. Giving them more help than the veterans.

Add to this a witch hunt on pro democratic intellectuals, the balance is often shifted in a pro islamist stance.

The worst countries to do this are Denmark and Norway.

So what do we do?

First of all, we need to push them, and see where they stand after that.

We can start using diplomatic means, to hear them out. Call them out on the problems with persecution of pro democratic intellectuals, call them out on the tacit support of the IS fighters.

If the listen and do something about it, we can slowly integrate them in the strategy that we will have to develop for Europe as such.

If they do not listen, but keep on supporting IS troops and persecute, torture and prod intellectuals that are pro democratic. We will have to turn those states over, and control them. Otherwise they will just be safe havens for IS IN Europe.

G-d bless the willingness to do good, in the face of a relentless adversary.

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