The new world

The world has truly changed. In the old order media, academia and culture had the most power.

This led to a world where the agendas of the liberal camp were dominant.

As the medias have changed due to social media and the Internet in general, these old power structures have changed.

Whereas the liberal camp was dominant in the old structure, it is now more balanced. This is really what is behind all the pain and trouble in the liberal camp. It is a frustration of loss of power.

Come on, instead of whining and being sorry, maybe we could show some resolve and dignity?

If you want to fight, you have to be ready to take the blows that are hurled back at you, with dignity, without resolving to physical confrontation.

Problems are good in the sense, that it forces us to clear the table and start thinking anew.

Crises are vehicles for development.

I think that the extra power we have had since 68 has made us complacent and lazy. Instead of targeting Trump that has done a lot of work, by himself, and honestly miraculously won. We should start looking inwards and start seeing our own faults, and start doing something about it.

We need to develop new ideas and find new solutions to our problems.

The irony of the all, is, I suppose, that the things Barack and I developed has been taken in by mr. Trump.

In that sense, the Obama presidency is a huge success.

Ok, there are somethings we could have done better, but the main ideas live on and will, hopefully, make a better world.

One of the main ideas that mr. Obama and I had a great success with, was dividing the Muslim world into pro democratic and anti democratic.

This legacy is huge. The fight for democracy against tyranny is reenacted once again.

We made that, put strength behind the core objective of democracy.

So instead of being sorry for ourselves, I think we should be proud of what we have achieved and strengthen that core.

In the new world, there are no easy fixes. We have to fight for every inch of political turf. But the good thing is, that Barack and I have made a solid basis to work from.

G-d bless the willingness to be honest and see things as they are.

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