Dreams of a new age

LorCo_094a_illusSo the contest between mr. Sanders and ms. Clinton is heading into its final course. Well, I hope you are both good to go, and may the best man or woman win. I will support either and both.

Talking about Socialdemocratic politics in an American mould, I think that one should look a little deeper to truly understand what it is, and how it may be unfolded.

I like Alinsky in many ways, especially I like his faith in democracy. He speaks first and foremost of democracy as a vehicle for development. I believe he is right in this assumption.

But what is democracy really? To understand and truly appreciate this, I think you have to read a lot of French philosophy (France invented it in modern times) and as a consequence a lot of classic philosophy. Rousseau and Voltaire developed, together with the illuminati (Baverian freemasons) the ideas behind what we today understand as democracy.

So, to look at the roots, we have the Egyptology of the freemasons (Washington D.C. is one great Egyptian necropolis) and the democracy ideas of the french revolutionaries.

This points us to the halls of Heliopolis (the birthplace of Egyptian humanism) and to Athens.

Add to this the polis of Sparta (the ideal of socialism), and you have a mix you should, somehow do right, to meet some of the challenges we meet today.

If we focus a little on Athens, we have Plato and Aristotle. Plato was a bit torn between Athens and Sparta, Aritsotle was an Athens man through and through.

I have pointed to the fact, that there are certain elements of Aristotelian philosophy that I believe that the US and the rest of the democratic world should focus on. First and foremost the support of family as the rockbed of the democratic state. Whereas Sparta was all state and almost no family, Athens was all family and little state.

So my point is, we need to find a balance between these two. To make a total communist state where the family is absorbed by the state is not functional, and, i believe wrong, seen from a Socialdemocratic viewpoint.

One needs to strike a balance. At the other hand, the state can support the family and create a more just and equal society. This can be done by making healthcare and free education.

But it is a difficult balance to find, because if the state takes too much over for the family, we risk creating an unbalanced society.

You also have to be aware of the fact, that the more you make a wealth fare state, the more you are forced to close your borders. Because free healthcare and free education will attract everybody around the globe to your society. If you are not strict about who gets these benefits, the system will collapse. This is what we see in Sweden right now, and what the Danes are so very afraid of will happen in Denmark as well.

It is a tradeoff.

According to Lycurgus (the philosophical founder of Sparta) the Spartan system should be absolutely closed, very little communication with outsiders, and NO new citizens.

I am not saying that the US should not be a haven for the persecuted, I am just saying, that you have to be aware of the caveats in the model.

Then there is the Marxist critique of business. Again this is a truth with its rights and wrong. Seen from the point of view of Marx, it was true. He lived in the preindustrial age of England and that was messy.

But things change, and today persecuting all business is not fair, and counterproductive to the wealth of the Nation.

Wealth of a Nation is created through the loyalty between the businesslife and the nation. As when Apple shifted production from China to Texas, that is loyalty and that creates what any American president dreams of; jobs for the middle class.

So again, Wall street and all its corruption should off cause be tackled, but good family owned and conservative industry should be supported. Liberal business as Facebook and again Apple should be helped as well. This is the key to the unemployment rates of the US now.

But in its core, I believe that the strengths of the US should be strengthened even more. Dreams are based on ideology. We dream about a better world and about Change. The more the ideals of these dreams are realized, the more there is to dream about.

Belief in the core tenants of that great and warm-hearted country is what it is truly all about.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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