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The primary election process is nearing its climax. Who are going to be the most influential man or woman in the world, the next POTUS.

Well, I do no care much about who it is, after all, my friendship with Barack is good, but he is going to stop now. So to me, It is more about the intellectual and philosophical content of what is to come.

I will be open to any friendship coming up, and I believe that the friendship that goes along between Denmark and the US is rock solid, so it will be a natural continuation.

But let us have a look on what Denmark and the US has contributed with under mr. Barack Obama, one of the great ones.

We started out fighting the Libya war together. That war was, in many ways, pivotal.

It laid a new foundation under the foreign politics of the US. Before, under the Bush era, it was Bush fighting the bad guys far away. The problem about that fight, was the POLITCAL content. There was no war, just a war of attrition, not a war for some higher ideal.

That what was changed in the Libya war, it was a FOR something. A war for an ideal, a war for something higher than just simple attrition. It was a war for DEMOCRACY.

That was what we truly started with, and that was what was the ideological foundation under the war against IS. Islamic State, in opposition to a democratic humanistic state.

This is what got Americas heart beating again, and what gave hope. The fight for a higher purpose, for something larger than just self-preservation.

In this ideological driven fight America got its greatness again. And it has proven itself a tough and good strategy that has put America in the front of a league that expands the whole world. Who will not fight the IS? Who will not fight for the light and humanism?

Everybody wants, even the sworn enemies of the US seem to want to be in in this fight against evil.

It was accented in Europe after the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo newpaper/satirics. And it was accented in the sexual assaults on the hapless european girls. What is wrong with this attitude, it is the simple fact, that they do not respect the individual, the soft weak targets of children and women, but think only about their own satisfaction.

This is not human, and not humanistic in any way.

This fight for something good might put American boots on European soil again. But I hope that, this time, we can handle it ourselves.

I see good signs in the UK, where Cameron seems to take the threat serious and is funding a new development in the arms race against terror. Not terror in the Middle East only, but also on the shores of Europe.

This leading role, that America has not really realised, truly, and consciously, because the media is too focused on all the faults, and not on the grandness of what United States of America truly is.

To elevate oneself, and grasp that revolutionary spirit, the spirit of Change and democracy is difficult. But sometimes, and that should be a project of any American president, we should elevate ourselves and remember what we are.

That was my message in the last posting. It is not about you being Danish, or copying our system. It is, truly, and in its core, about you being yourself. Being American, raise that flag, straighten your backs, be proud of what you are in that glorious, democratic, humanistic nation, and fight the eternal fight against evil for good.

G-d bless the nation of the Americans.

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