yl07zkigzezvrnxwvdunWell, Denmark seems to becoming a central political firebrand in the American election process. On one hand as an ideal to many on the liberal side, and as a possible target of Donald Trump!

Well, I know this was only said as an example, so I am not worried too much about that.

But the fact of the matter is, that Denmark is seen, by many as a possible model to copy. Being the most internationally prolifent intellectual of Denmark, this seems to me, to be a part of my doing, and also a respectful nod to some of my Danish reflections.

But, the thing is, I am not Denmark, and I am not popular in mainstream Denmark, in fact they truly hate me, and have been doing anything possible to try and track me down and shut me up. Why? Because I am a rebel.

The ideas that I have a not contrary to all that is Denmark, but they are not mainstream in any way, they are a possible solutions to some of the problems we have here.

I think that is really what inspires the Americans, because deep down, beneath all the force of an international power nation, the core of the United States is not that of an empire. The US was created as a refugee for people like me. People who rebelled against the tyranny of the states, had new ideas and wanted to have peace of their own.

In a way I hope I remind Americans about who they used to be, and that is really what is going on, and what I think that the presidency of mr. Barack Obama has been about. Remembering those virtues and values of the true America, that shining beacon of illumination. That mirage of truth.

What you should see in Denmark should not be Danish values and virtues, it should be American values and virtues. If you copy us, copy some of the values we share. The humanity, the belief in democracy and humanism, the caring of the weak, the fight for justice.

There are off cause philosophical changes that I believe that I have tuned Socialdemocratism with. Like the fact that big business should not only be ciritsized they should also be honoured when they support the nation. The fact that family is a central item of our civilisation. That spirituality is important.

Things that are not originally Socialist, but social institutions that are of vital importance to a dynamic political state. To a healthy state.

But deep down, it is not about being Danish, it is about being American. Reading those old books of light and love again. Dreaming again, being what YOU are; American.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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