I think mr. Lars Løkke, the current PM of Denmark has disgraced the nation and all its citizens. The way he has handled the migration crisis is terrible and is showmanship of bad politics. Truly he is the worst politician in the world right now.

He has to go. I have been quite clear in my criticism of his way of handling things from the beginning, I think he is an amateur and a bad person.

We are working on another solution, but it will take a little while to get a replacement for him. I hope the international community will be a little patient and await our replacement process.

After that I promise, that, if I get influence in the process of politics, what I hope I do, I will make sure that the policies that the country endeavours on will be in accordance with international law and common ethical behaviour.

We are in a difficult situation, and it calls for unconventional solutions, but these solutions should all be ethical and within the human rights.

G-d bless the will to find good solutions in a difficult situation.

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