revolutionWhat we are witnessing right now is a turn of European ethics and politics. As we have seen numerous times. It gave us Catholicism, Protestantism, Democracy, Communism, Nazism. Potent philosophies that have changed the world.

The process has been, since protestantism, that the system have evolved into such an oppressive state that some lone philosopher on the fringes rebels and changes the system. We saw that with Luther, Rousseau, Karl Marx and Hitler.

This is not a moral verdict on the different systems, but a simple conclusion on the development of Europe.

Oppression leads to revolution that leads to an explosive development.

Those who predict that Europe is dying and will cease to end, will have to be refuted by the history of Europe. Europe is back, or rather European culture with all its facets and different versions in each nations is back.

The fight we fight is, on one side against the oppression of the system. As usual absolutely devoid of any moral or ethics, and at the other side the islamist threat rising and changing the face of Europe.

I would like Europe to be that peaceful and benign continent, good to its citizens, and protective to its people. But, as usual, Europe is the opposite. Some corrupt system is oppressing its peoples, and the methods are unbelievable in its corruption. Jew hatred, massive rape waves, and the corrupt system just tries to subdue the intellectuals who fight the corruption. This is what the US was a reaction against in the first place. Why the US became the refugee for Europeans who were persecuted. This is why strange and nonconformist went to the US to be free. To flee the oppression of the states.

As usual the states are fanatic in their persecution. As in the fight between the Catholic church and the Protestants, as in between the Aristocrats and the Democrats and so on.

Not all trends are good, but they have one thing in common; they are absurdly strong and will propel humanity onto a different course.

But after Köln Europe is back, battered, worn, at the brink of destruction, but still alive and well and ready for another round of the battle of ideas.

And though what comes now will be nightmarish and destructive, good comes from the fight between good and bad, and I hope that the good we will fight for this time will be worth all the sacrifices.

G-d bless the will to be free in the face of the immense oppression.

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