New Socialism

Flag_of_the_Spartan_EmpireI think it is revving up for another revolution in Europe, this time not communist or humanist/democratic, but a mix. Into this mix comes the church and the other faiths.

This mix will be dominant in the next decade to come. This revolution will be what saves Europe and by that the European civilisation that encompasses the entire globe.

A new definition of the old, an old definition of the new.

I have just, again, have had the rough hand of the secret police trying to subdue me into submission, so that they can continue their foul acts of supporting IS fighters and accepting the rape of young girls, the persecution of gays and subjecting of all artists that may not accept the new abomination of a course, where young girls are the fuel of the bonfire they have erected in the abysmal flaming of our world. Each scream, each tear, each destroyed life is a testament to the corruption of the current government.

I am a follower, among others, of the great revolutionary leader and antifascist Oriana Fallaci. She fought the fascists of Italy and continued on a course of fighting islamofascists of Teheran (not the current leadership, but the one under the likes of Ahmadinejad).

I have pondered this for some time; how can she, as a socialist fight the atrocities of islamofascim?

It goes through a discussion of marxism really is. Marx was very inspired by Sparta, the ancient Greek city-state. He saw the materialism that had gripped the West as a problem, and sought for an antimaterialst idol; Sparta.

But I believe that he really missed the basic point of Sparta. Sparta did not see itself as a anti materialist state. It was, but that was not the aim of the city-state. The aim of the city-state was Justice. Each Spartan put the law above themselves. If the law defined a specific principle, a Spartan would rather die than cross the principle.

This is really what socialism is; a fight for justice, and in recent time; a fight for social justice.

Because what is this fight really? It is a fight to protect the weak. To protect the woman, the child, the gay, the ones that are not necessarily in the midst of society. That might live on the fringes.

It is a fight a fight for them. So that they are not subdued by the strong. That is socialism at its core.

When women are subdued and attacked, when gays are in harms way, we stand tall. As the Spartans when they went to battle. We let our hair grow, and put flowers on our shields. To fight that corruption of the states, as they feed the women to the pyre, to build whatever evil society they see. When the islamofascist falls prey on the weak, when the current elite tries to subdue the few artists and freethinkers who are outspoken in the face of these atrocities.

This is what the Spartans would do, for their fair women, of all colour, as we should.

G-d bless the ephors of old, as they may speak to us, their descendants so far away, but still holding on tot their vision of social justice. Where the strong is fought in his prey on the weak.

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