The crisis in Denmark

There has been a lot of critical discussion on Denmark and the Danish refugee crisis these last few weeks.

Some of it fair, some of blown out of proportion. But, there is an element of truth in it, if you cannot see that, then you are blind.

Danes do not respond that well to international critics. We are not used to it, and we have our heads up a certain .. never mind.

But if you look at the content of the crisis, it is this comparison between what Denmark does right now, and what Germany did to the Jews under the second world war, that is the most potent.

The signs are pretty clear, the entire populace believes that it is ok to use sick methods on the train of refugees/migrants. Perhaps it is more signal politics than true politics, but the intent is clear. The master mind, or what you would call it, is the current PM of Denmark mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and he has a lot of strange actions on his resume, or rather his party has. Especially the way they treat other vulnerable groups as the jobless is really disgusting.

But where are the Jewish parallels. As a jew I have been reflecting a bit on it. I mean, I may be critical, and I am probably a pain in the …, never mind. But the effects of the politic that has been in Denmark for quite some time, has ended up in mass rapings and persecution of both Jews and intellectuals, so I do believe that I am right.

When I, as a Jew, get a rough treatment by the state, I have noticed something. Maybe I am kidding myself, but it seems pretty clear to me, that those who support me have a good result, and those who fight me has a bad result.

But only when I suffer.

In that sense, there is something about taking the sins of others and carry them. Those who are willing to repent and try and make a better world, they prosper, and those who fight me, they wither.

It is pretty obvious with Lars Løkke, with my support he prospered, without it, he withers.

I think it has something to do with the moral background I use and have. It is Cabbalah, enlightenment philosophy, many Jewish things actually. These are the treasure of humanity, and if you fight it, you fight the good in humanity, you fight the path to spirit.

For that you will be punished, as the Danes are right now. They are punished for subduing and persecuting me. While as my friends in the different beliefs, in politics and of cause Israel itself is rewarded.

It is not about me, it is about following the tenants of goodness, if we do that, things improve. That is truly my testament.

G-d bless the will to be better.

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