quadcopter-droneLooking at the problems of Europe and the vast areas out of public control, my proposal was to use drones.

Now, drones are not just drones. There are numerous types of drones. The most used right now is the flying done, like the ones we use in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But there are many more, and many are under preparation.

The most effective drones are the small flying drones that have shooting capabilities. Russia have developed some flying Quadro copters with a machine gun attached to it.

Work on these, and we have a serious weapon.

Then there are the mobile drones, that lumber on in streets, these can be equipped with surveillance tools as well as offensive capabilities.

What we need in the forthcoming war with the extremists of Europe is a mix of different drones, and tactical methods developed in their use.

For instance we can use both flying drones and mobile drones. Flying drones for surveillance and mobile drones for pursuit. It all comes down to the capabilities of the single drones and their cooperation with other drones.

Use this bit of wisdom to try to remake the police work, and equip new forces in the confrontation.

Be very sure, to apply all laws of engagement, and give all perpetrators their constitutional rights, we do not want our countries to be lawless, just more capable in fighting the terrorism.

G-d bless the wise and the strong.

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